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VIP Loyalty Club




Vip Loyalty Club Offer

Our VIP Loyalty Club is the where we reward you our most valuable and special customers. A 15% discount, forever, store wide is our way of saying thank you for visiting us and shopping with us, even if you are just browsing for next time.







Our founders Dimity and Edward strongly believe that without you we would not exist and that we want to continue to treat you with the best possible care and provide you with the highest quality products, whether children's clothes or accessories, at all times.

"Our customers are very loyal and we are extremely grateful to all of you. customer and is very important to us. Each of you is different, some may choose to purchase something and others may save an item in their wishlist or introduce a friend whether as a gift for your own little girl, a grand daughter, a niece, cousin, or just for a present for a friend. So we offer everyone the opportunity to join our VIP Club, however you will find that the more you shop the more rewards you can be offered. It may be a preview or a pre-sale offer or just a gift for being special."

Loyalty Club FAQ's

  • Why do I create an account? Creating an account and becoming a member provides you with a 15% discount across the store plus lots of other benefits.
  • How do I sign up? Simply click here on this link and fill out your name, email and password, you will then be sent an email to confirm your details. Remember to check your email.
  • How does it work? Once you have signed up, you will receive a 15% discount which you can use at any time across the store.
  • What are the terms of the offer? The discount is valid across the store on all products forever. You will always find the best offers, discounts and promotions offered to VIP Loyalty Club Members. You can only use promotion code or discount code at a time. If you are sent more value in another discount or promotion just use that. (see terms)
  • Do I need to log in? Yes just click the My Account. Once you are logged in it will change to Your Account. If you do not log in you cannot take advantage of the VIP Loyalty discount.
  • What else does membership offer?
- enter your address and have a faster check out process
- see your orders
- add items and see your wishlist
- receive promotions, previews, offers, sales and news only available to VIP's

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