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Spring Summer 2015

Introducing Spring Summer ‘15 the styles have a Spanish flamenco influence with tiers, frills, bold colours and patterns mixed together to create a playful exciting collection of girls clothes for girls who want to be princesses.

The whole girls wear collection is designed that all pieces can be combined with each other whether making a bold statement for a party or just playing in the park in a chic comfortable knit.  Using cotton voiles in our three signature prints, and soft jersey knits but finishing with our leather pieces and cotton silk. A signature piece of our collections are always our princess party dresses where our little ones can really feel like they are living a fairy tale as a princess

This season we have broadened our range adding more every day pieces especially using cotton jersey knit fabrics and soft light cotton voiles.

Our principal colours are cyan and purple which are in both signature prints and blocks, while we also have a animal blossom in print and a range of other colours including white lace. The colour inspiration is from our favourite time of day when the sun is setting, this is the basis for this season’s colour palette.