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A new fashion trend has emerged over the past few years, placing child models at the forefront of the apparel industry, and expanding the scope of the business like never before. In a significant move from generations previously, several child models have surfaced that are regarded as major forces on catwalks, print magazines, and international marketing campaigns, armed with large social media networks and contracts with some of the largest companies in the business.

Professional child models generally fall into two camps:

  • Celebrity child models. They have made a huge splash, with the offspring of David & Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale making huge waves in the press and in advertising campaigns. Don’t forget Sean (P.Diddy) Combs and his gorgeous kids, Jessie, D’Lila and Chance, storming the scene.
  • Professional child models, celebrities in their own right. They may not have the advantage of parents, but have the cheekbones and sheer star talent to stand alongside them. Thylane Blandeau from Paris may have had a sprinkle of stardust from her parents but her looks have got her where she is today, Seanna Guevara in New York, and Russian sensation Kristina Pimenova are youngsters that are setting the modelling industry on its head. Blessed with enviable genetics and significant star wattage, these star models have altered the blueprint for the business forever.

Child Models with Famous Parents

Open any magazine or turn to any channel these days and you are more than likely see ads featuring kids that are models with famous lineages. These child models are currently making a name for themselves in the world of fashion in their own right, and making a pretty penny in the process.

Her mother was one of the biggest models of her time, as well as an icon and major influence on the industry during her heyday. Sailor Brinkley Cook is following in mother Christie Brinkley’s footsteps, having already racked up covers for both Teen Vogue and Nylon magazine. Tali Lennox is another Burberry baby that has celebrity roots in mother Annie Lennox. At only 15 years of age, Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of two famous parents as well – actor Johnny Depp and singer Vanessa Paradis – which she has parlayed into a career as a model for Chanel and on the cover of Oyster magazine. She is known as the lookalike to one of the world’s first supermodels, but Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, clearly has the advantage of genetics and strong work ethic on her side, and she has already been featured as the face of Versace’s teen advertising campaign after turning down countless offers in what is potentially set to be a high-profile career.

The runways and billboards are not just delegated to young girls either. The fashion industry has already recognized menswear as an exploding force in the business and several companies have responded by making more than a few celebrity boy’s household names.

Romeo Beckham has two famous parents in footballer David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, which has helped the teen rack up substantial modeling work, including a stint as one of the faces of Burberry’s ad campaign, reportedly getting paid $45,000 for his Burberry campaign. Another footballer and recent US resident Australian Tim Cahill has two children both in the kids modelling world his son Kyah and daughter Sienna.

Romeo Beckham for Burbery
Romeo Beckham's Burberry campaign

One of the world’s biggest movie stars, Jude Law, has passed on his good looks and charisma to his son Rafferty Law, who has graced the catwalk for Donna Karan and has been featured in British Vogue.

The New Age of Celebrity and Child Models

The advent of technology and the recognition of children as one of the biggest driving forces in parents’ spending habits has caused a significant shift in the fashion industry that is beginning to escalate exponentially. As revenue continues to grow each successive quarter, more fashion brands – from the indie to the mid-size to the conglomerate level – have responded by launching lines that include everything from toddler’s clothes to tweens to young adults. According to several reports, the global children’s wear market will grow to nearly $13 billion within the next five years, which means more child models are necessary to push both product and brand recognition. Some of the world’s top-tier mini-models can earn up to $1,500 a day and a select few are earning annually in the six-figure range.

Professional child models who have clearly made a name for themselves through sheer force of will, charisma, and the ability to capture the attention of the general public.

Thylane Blandeau: The Paris Sensation

Born in France at the turn of the century, Thylane Blandeau may have been born in Marseilles, but she has made her name in the City of Lights. Being the daughter of well known parents may have gotten her into the door, but her striking looks and obvious love for the camera have made her one of the biggest sensations in recent memory. Represented by IMG, Thylane is referred to as the ‘new Kate Moss’ and has been modeling since the age of four years old racking up an impressive resume that includes walking the catwalk for acclaimed French designer Jean Paul Gaultier and landing the cover of the Vogue Paris supplement Vogue Enfants at only ten years of age. Blandeau is now threatening to break through in the world of film as well with a featured role in the upcoming movie ‘Belle et Sebastian’.


Thylane Blandeau French kids model
Thylane Blandeau - French kids supermodel

Kristina Pimenova and the Russian Takeover

Moscow is another major international city that is causing a storm in her own native Russia and beyond. At only nine years of age, Kristina Pimenova’s angelic face has already graced the cover of Vogue Bambini, as well as collaborations with Roberto Cavalli and The United Colors of Benetton. Already a major mini-celebrity on social media with millions of followers, Pimenova has amassed an enviable portfolio through work with Vogue, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana, who have featured her in their major ad campaigns.  Kristina was photographed recently by Isa of Lily K Photography in California for Dimity Bourke.

Kristina Pimenova - Russian child supermodel


Another Angelina Enters the Fashion Fray

Angelina Porcelli is another top child model that is New York-born, but known the world over already as one of the most accomplished young models for her age. With both a mother and grandmother as models she comes from a family well versed in the industry, which is no bad thing. Managed by Generation Model Management, she has worked every season of New York fashion show petiteParade, and walked the main Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week for luminaries such as Levis, Nike and Hurley. Aside from her runway work, Porcelli has shot for Vogue Bambini, covers for Earnshaws and Moda Bambini worked for big brands such as Ralph Lauren, Marni, with - leading luxury independents such as Mischka Aoki, Pale Cloud, Bonnie Young and for us at Dimity Bourke, she has been featured in Milk Magazine (shot by acclaimed photographer Katrina Tang).

Angelina Porcelli for Dimity Bourke's AW 15 girls collection.

Working with Professional Models

All of the girls we have worked with are truly passionate about what they do. Some want careers as adult models or actresses while others just enjoy the sheer fun and fantasy of dressing up. As they get older, they also love to see their name and pictures in glossy magazines and billboards, but they are always still children, laughing, giggling and swapping secrets. A few extra dollars to help with education and enabling them to see the world is a powerful incentive but taking home the latest designer fashion for free is always a girl’s best friend.

We have worked with many child fashion models including NY models Angelina Porcelli and Seanna Guevara, as well as the beautiful sisters Isabella and Sophia Canepa from California. Watching a child grow in front of your eyes and seeing their true creative spirit being unleashed is a joy to behold. They are also not shirkers and although their bank accounts may be swelling, their work ethic and drive to excel at such a young age makes any parent proud.

Seanna Guevara for Dimity Bourke girls
NY model Seanna Guevara for Dimity Bourke AW15 Girls collection
Dimity Bourke girls white collection
Isabella and Sophia Canepa from California wearing Dimity Bourke girls White Collection

The Future and Trajectory of Child Models in the Fashion Industry

As fashion continues to expand further than ever before, from luxury brands to menswear, it was only a matter of time before the ripple effect delved into children’s wear, as more brands seek to lock in lifelong consumers as early as possible. As more designer fashion houses like us at Dimity Bourke look to clothe both parents and children, the onslaught has led to more companies looking for fresh faces to front their ad and print campaigns.

An indicator of the impact of children’s fashion and the top child models in the field is the bi-annual petiteParade. The New York fashion show showcases the top fashion for toddlers through their teens, featuring a slew of kids brands around the world all bringing their own style quotient into the mix. During this high-profile week, top child models can be seen on the catwalk wearing designs from some of the most noted brands in the industry. Today’s companies are seeking to meet the demand of fashionable apparel that speaks directly to those wearing it. As the market for child models and children’s wear continues to explode, there will continue to be brands that provide quality kids clothing to represent their individuality.

Edward Andrew is the co-founder of Dimity Bourke